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From the branch of a RACIEL to the tree, it is a natural continuation. The tree is associated with the symbols of multiple cultures and a patient witness of our activities living up to more than 9000 years in some cases, that is to say the duration of more than ninety human lives. Standing still, some traditions call him "the Standing Man". "Territoire" contains in french the word "earth" (terre), the raw material for the integration of the tree and the man where our roots develop. After having traveled and lived in various places during our lives, it is by walking new territories that we explore the space to occupy, to live. We survey our lives by observing the surrounding ecosystems in order to understand, find our place, feed on them and integrate into them. The tree was already present in the corpus of our respective work for a long time either as a photographic subject or in sculptures, its nurturing presence inspires us.

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