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We know. That trees are at the center

of all lives. Standing still. Dedicated to regeneration and

in perpetual evolution. We reflect. Upon humans. Upon the

place we occupy on Earth. Upon our role and responsibilities.

Upon the true meaning of our very presence. We believe. In opposites

complementing each other. In mind and matter being in tune. In the strong and

the fragile coalescing together. In the grandeur of humility. We dream. About the

harmonious coexistence of differences. About humans reconciling with nature.

A reconnection among all beings. We see. A connecting thread between tree roots and

the sky. An organic link between the grounded and the ethereal. Between the visible and

the invisible, the material and the immaterial. We wish. To participate in the appeasement

of this overly agitated World. To unite. Through simplicity, spiritual elevation and beauty.

Using light and matter. Through visual poetry and conscientious creativity. 

We are. Somewhat different yet accomplices. Photography and sculpture

working in unison. In osmosis with things bigger than us.

The tree. Where the sky roots itself to the Earth.


Thanks to Marc-André Rivard, ideator and copywritter for having understood so well and

put into words with great talent our intentions expressed during our meeting.

SYLLAD is an artistic duo formed by visual artist Sylvie Rochette and artist photographer Ladislas Kadyszewski. After many years of practice in their respective fields, they choose to work together for the complementarity of their practices, their values, their sensitivity as well as their interest in addressing themes that question our presence in the world. The tree becomes the central symbolism of this reflection of a multidisciplinary approach.

Presentation of SYLLAD at the 40th International Symposium of Contemporary Art of Baie-Saint-Paul by Charlevoix Community Television (TVCO).

Sylvie and Ladislas are happy to welcome you by appointment at their workshop

in the heart of the city of Sherbrooke in Quebec, Canada.

SYLLAD wishes to express their immense gratitude to Matthieu Cardinal and his wonderful team from  Humano District for their generous and warm welcome.


We acknowledge with respect that SYLLAD's creative workshop is located  on the traditional and unceded territory of the Abenaki people at the confluence of the Saint-François, Magog and Massawippi rivers.

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