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  • This work depicts a magnificent hemlock located in Parc du Mont-Bellevue in Sherbrooke, Eastern Townships (Quebec) on the verge of becoming a university nature reserve. In the fall of 2021, we went to meet the light and the trees as we often do since this reserve is located behind our workshop. This hemlock stood out in the climb exposing its layers of roots well clinging to the side of the mountain.


    The original artwork Construction intérieure is composed of a photographic image and a sculptural intervention in ebony. This construction of thin pieces of ebony wood creates a filigree in the trunk of the tree recalling both its strength and at the same time its fragility.


    Frame size: 25 x 36 in / 63.5 x 91.5 cm


    Museum (archive) quality pigment print on 100% cotton paper with a velvety, lightly textured matte finish.


    Sculptural intervention with ebony recovered from the workshop of Mario Lamarre, luthier.


    The work is framed in a white "box" with ArtGlass AR70 anti-reflective glass.





    "Construction intérieure", 2021.

    • This original work signed by the artists is a unique piece, one great opportunity to start or complete your collection...; )

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