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This majestic double maple has been standing for a very long time on the snowy lands of the Turkey Hill farm in the Eastern Townships (Quebec). The absence of leaves makes us discover its very particular structure.


The work TRANS-CENDANCE #2, V2 is the result of a collaboration in digital creation of the duo. The architecture of this tree with its arms wide open facilitated the work of digitally inserting a silhouette and a RACIEL as a representation of the human structure. The RACIEL is chosen according to its shape, its color, its expression then it is photographed and integrated into the image of the tree. Several variations of the same work can be created, here in blue.


An edition of 25 prints in 4 different formats is available.


Museum (archive) quality pigment print on 100% cotton paper with a velvety, lightly textured matte finish.

TRANS-CENDANCE #2, V2, 2021.

  • This work is offered in a limited edition of 25 copies (signed and numbered) in 4  different formats (10 copies in 20 x 30 in / 51 x 76 cm, 10 copies in 30 x 45 in / 76 x 114 cm,  4 copies in 40 x 60 in / 102 x 152 cm and 1 copy in 60 X 90 in / 152 x 228 cm). Or in more accessible form in open edition  of 8 x 12 in / 20 x 30 cm  or 12 x 18 in / 30 x 45 cm.

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