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To mark the 70th portrait of SYLLAD…


As you know, life is a series of events.  Not only a series of events but a series of human encounters which creates links which will be nourished throughout time thereafter.


The adventure of our 70th portrait, that of Joséphine Bacon, began last February when SYLLAD was in a creative residency at Studio B-12 in Valcourt. Louis-Armand Bombardier was kind enough to participate in our TRANS-HUMANCE project and allow himself to be photographed with the Tree of his childhood in front of the old family home which has become this magnificent place of creation, highly inspiring for musicians and visual artists.


So, from the owner of the label "L-Abe let artists be" Louis-Armand to Joséphine Bacon, it took us a few months and less than 6 degrees of separation thanks to the precious help of Phoudsady Vanny, his manager whom Louis-Armand knew. We found ourselves at the end of October sharing a magnificent day at Pointe-de-Moisie near Sept-Îles on the North Shore in the company of Joséphine. This woman, greatly appreciated as a poet, director, translator, lyricist and teacher of Innu-aimun her mother tongue, was waiting for us in front of the forest near the Moisie River. With the help of the artist Johanne Roussy, we created the decor for this work which enveloped Joséphine, creating links between her and these moving Trees.


Subsequently, Joséphine honored us with her pen by writing a sentence inspired by this magical moment: “I left the sound of my footsteps with you. »


The TRANS-HUMANCE component of SYLLAD aims to connect a Tree and a Human, which we have done 70 times so far, the portrait of Joséphine being the last one created. From the ancient forests of Vancouver Island to Central Park in New York, without forgetting the Trees and Humans of Quebec that we mostly met, what an inspiring adventure!


From the bottom of my heart, thank you to Joséphine, Louis-Armand, Phoudsady, Johanne, all of you, without forgetting these Trees which carry us towards the light.


With gratitude, SYLLAD




Format of the work: 8.5 x 11 inches (21.6 x 28 cm)


A limited edition of 50 signed and numbered prints is offered.


Pigment print on paper with a velvety matte finish. 






“Joséphine Bacon at Pointe-de-Moisie”, 2022.

  • This work is offered to you in a limited edition of 50 copies (signed and numbered) in 8.5 x 11 inches (21.6 x 28 cm) format.

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