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  • One evening after setting up camp on Vancouver Island, we went for a walk to see the surroundings of Lake Cowichan in the summer of 2021. At the bend of a small road, suddenly profiled this Sitka spruce in a sun going down orange by the forest fires on the continent, this image worthy of the country of the rising sun lasted only a few seconds before the sun set disappears behind the thick smoke.


    The original Ossature orientale work is an intervention of natural fibers on paper printing. The pure image only required a subtle and zen intervention like a simple construction coming to accentuate the lines of the tree in its perfect architecture.

    Frame size: 25 x 36 in / 63.5 x 91.5 cm

    Museum (archive) quality pigment print on 100% cotton paper with a velvety, lightly textured matte finish.

    Sculptural intervention with natural fibers.

    The work is framed in a white shaddow box frame with ArtGlass AR70 anti-reflective glass





    "Ossature orientale", 2021.

    • This original work signed by the artists is a unique piece, one great opportunity to start or complete your collection...; )

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