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As a series of works that represent the human silhouette that stands between the sky and earth, RACIEL reminds us that between these elements where we evolve, we too often forget these two determining and essential links to all forms of life.

Each of the figures contains a natural fiber architecture, throughout the structure as a representation of the energy flowing through it. They are autonomous while being part of a whole, alike while being different in shape, color, size, like each of us.  

RACIEL finds itself either framed, in photomontage or part of an "installation" set up in an exhibition space, integrating the addition of diffusing optical fibers responding

randomly to a triggering by the presence of the spectator.

RACIEL allows us to stretch threads between us, life often depends on one...

Installation video  "RACIEL" for the exhibition "L'Art en vitrine", Centro, Tramae 2021.
Collaboration with the electronic artist: Nathanaël Lecaudé.


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