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They said...


“Totally moved! » B.T.

"Very inspiring for humanity'" M.G.

“Very bright and really different! » N.B.

“A lot of softness and beauty, MAGNIFICENT! » L.M.

“A wise blend of nature and wisdom. Very inspiring! » A-B

"Thank you for this beauty and awareness of nature" J.M.

"Very inspiring, works that demonstrate strength and fragility" C.C.

« A meeting between humans and nature, a tribute of beauty, a marriage of the soul, thank you! » R.T.

“The majesty of the trees reveals the immensity of Creation and the Cosmos.

You translate very well the unity of the plant soul and the human soul. Continue your art that translates Life! » C.R.

“What creativity! What originality! Blow of heart for the works and the artists! Thank you for beautifying our lives! » C.M.


“Thank you for sharing your greatly inspiring universe, thank you for reminding us to stay connected to our nature! Your magnificent works bring to light these giants that we sometimes forget to look at! » J.G.


“Very inspiring, the trees are the witnesses that survive us and your works pay them a very beautiful tribute! J.S.


“Few things, lots of positive messages and lots of love for nature and especially for people” D.F.


“My vision of trees has completely changed since I discovered about your work”  M.A.

"It's beautiful to see that a being (tree) that we come across daily can contain so many messages and

great metaphors. It's a beautiful philosophy, and it's soothing, thank you! » C.B.

“Rich and deep topic that connects us to nature and our nature, very interesting! " K .J.


"  Well done, very original. You force us to reflect on our humanity and protect it, thank you! » B.T.

“Thank you for the beauty of the World, wonderful! " C.A.


"  Strong and very evocative! » J-G.B & E.M.


“Magnificent, poetic, inspiring! » L.M.

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