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3 of our original works at the Center culturel Pierre-Gobeil..; )

FROM FEBRUARY 16 TO APRIL 9, 2022Earth │Territory │ Landscape

AlexBG │ Rénald Gauthier │ François Lafrance │ Isabelle Renaud │ SYLLAD │ Steve St-Pierre │ Arlette Vittecoq

Earth,Territory, and Landscape, three common names with multiple meanings, three interlocking words that fit together, three topical subjects invite themselves to the Pierre-Gobeil Cultural Center. The artist Wassily Kandinsky (Russia, 1866 – France, 1944) affirmed that artists express what is specific to their time, that they contribute to reflection around the artistic and social issues of their time. This is the scenario of the exhibition placed under the curatorship of Suzanne Pressé. The exhibition presents the vision, research and achievements of eight accomplished artists. Here are thirty works that are looking for a welcome home. (Source Pierre-Gobeil Cultural Center).

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