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What a year... ; )


SYLLAD, inspired by the success at the Baie-Saint-Paul Symposium in 2022, prepared with enthusiasm and hard work at the beginning of the year to open its own space in order to promote its works in this wonderful city when Life decided otherwise, a radical change in cap, like bamboo, you have to be flexible, bend without breaking, continue to believe in it and work harder...; )

2023 was in fact filled with magnificent encounters, beautiful creative and research projects.

Obtaining a grant from the Conseil des arts de Longueuil confirmed our project in March 2024,

En forêt avec Talbot et Le Gray, following the footsteps of the pioneers of 19th century photography:

Henry Fox Talbot (England) and Gustave Le Gray (Forêt de Fontainebleau, France).

Project coupled with an artistic residency and an exhibition at the MEC (Canadian Student House at the Cité Internationale universitaire de Paris (CIUP).

The recipients of the grants to artists and professional organizations for the realization of their artistic project or their operational support, thank you to the Conseil des arts de Longueuil for their valuable support!

The concept of the Des arbres aux étoiles project was born in the middle of the year in our wonderful workshop on Mont Bellevue (thanks again to Matthieu Cardinal for his great generosity). In collaboration with the Astrolab (Mont Mégantic), the University of Sherbrooke, the Cegep of Sherbrooke, and Sporobole, this project will be carried out in 2024 upon our return from Europe and exhibited at the Antoine Sirois gallery of the UdS in September 2024 .

We will take advantage of the opening of this project to launch our publication TRANS-HUMAN, les arbres et nous c'est pour la vie!, illustrating the first 100 portraits of the TRANS-HUMAN project.

In collaboration with our Maestro of words, Marc-André Rivard, with the wise advice of Nicole Desrosiers and Frank Buddingh’, all wonderfully laid out by Michael Wou and Jenn McIntyre of Origami Branding.

An art book to participate in collective awakening about the importance of trees on Earth…; )

On a more promotional note, a great collaboration with the boutique of the Musée National des Beaux-Arts de Québec started at the beginning of the Fall, thanks to Sandy Robert for believing in us as we believe in our work..; )

SYLLAD is also working on various concepts of integration with architecture and the environment for 2024…to be continued!

Deep gratitude to all those we met on our path, thanks to you, the SYLLAD adventure is more and more inspiring, THANK YOU!

A more special thank you to our curator Suzanne Pressé who is making us progress by leaps and bounds thanks to her advice and kindness…; )

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