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Cultural mediation project, May 2022 at the REACH school in Longueuil "Nurturing your inner tree".

From mid-May to mid-June 2022, a cultural mediation project "Nurturing your inner tree" will occupy our time in the TRANS-HUMANCE series. This project aims to try to reconnect humans to nature and here, to one's own nature. This mediation is done through the production of photographic works, including sculpture, drawing and a text that expresses the relationship to this tree. SYLLAD collaborates here with Mr. Liam Cochrane, teacher at the REACH school in the borough of Greenfield Park of a special class adapted for ten young people aged 12 to 15 with cognitive impairments. It is with his agreement, his participation and his enthusiasm that "Feeding his inner tree" tries to connect the inner tree of Elias, Ezekiel, Saud, Philip, Amman, Alex, Brett , Quino, Gavin, Kurtiss and his to the outdoor trees surrounding them through the creation of 11 final works, one per participant. The final works including the photo of the participant with his tree holding the RACIEL sculpture as well as his drawing incorporated into the work are then printed in 24 '' X 36 '' format and then framed for exhibition purposes.

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